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I love prints but I’m often terrified to wear them. They are usually too overwhelming and/or completely unflattering. But, I think the trick to making them work, is picking one printed item that is in a color scheme that is complementary to your skin tone. And, a pattern that is suited to your personality.

My nickname to some, as coined by Benny Fine, is Apples. I love the name and I love the fruit. And I subsequently love the print. I found this cute “apron cut” top at a small boutique on Melrose here in Los Angeles. I pull it out when I am feeling spunky. And, today was the day, I guess! Red always makes me pop and black is slimming, so it’s a good fit.

I paired it with a white cami and my black skinny Jolt jeans. Of course I wore my owl necklace and gold watch. They go with everything.

I was feeling adventourous and wanted to embrace my “wanna-be” Sarah Jessica Parker waves, so I diffused my hair. I added a few curls with my Conair 1” curling iron to define the look. I went super simple with my makeup, and  just added a bit of liner, mascara, and Lancome Juicy Lip Gloss.

So have fun with your patterns. They are a great way to show off you personality. And yours is so cute.



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