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I love Butter!

Butter, the nail polish. I’m sure you all know, but this company is awesome. They are a London based nail polish company that pride themselves on not using Formaldehyde, Touene, or DPP. Basically all the gross stuff that most companies put in their polish. Not only are they conscious of there ingredients, but they also have awesome colors. This bottle was given as a gift from MissGlamorazzi, and let me tell you, I am obsessed! The color is called The Full Monty, and it goes with everything! Get your gold sparkle on, girls!

This color looks awesome with my new Toms! I’m not usually into leopard print but I thought these add  a fun splash of print my wardrobe. They look great with all black or a simple splash of color.

Gold and leopard. Sexy combo. Grr.

You’re cute-


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