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Casual Friday

Today was one of those days where I had nothing to do but errands. A load of them. But that’s no reason why you have to wear sweats. (Ahem… lady at Starbucks, put on some real pants!) Listen, I am all about comfort, and I’ll rock a good sweatshirt and yoga pants now and again, but there are other options that make you feel just a tad more acceptable to the rest of society. Because, let’s be honest, you never know who you might meet while your getting gas. (Ahem..hot guy at the Chevron Station, stop smiling at me and just ask me for my number!)

So today I threw on my favorite cowboy shirt. I love the red and blue together because it always makes me look bright and fresh. I paired it with my Jolt stretch denim jeans, and a pair of moccasins my mom got me years ago. No jewelry other then my everyday watch and bracelets.

No need to take the time to wash and dry your hair. Instead, rinse your bangs, blow dry them the way you like, and throw the rest up in a cute ponytail. I kept my makeup simple and just added a little powder, blush, liner, and mascara.

Just a few extra minutes of morning prep make you feel fresh and confident all day. Find your “go-to” shirt and jeans, and rock that pony baby! You’re cute!

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