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In need of an ex-cellent outfit.

Oh shit… I love a good pun. Almost as much as I love going to a dinner that my ex-boyfriend is going to be at. Nope. That part was a lie. However, when this situation presents itself, it’s imperative to LOOK HOT. So last night, I had to make it happen. We were meeting a bunch of friends at a casual Brazilian restaurant in Los Feliz. So I needed something super cute but casual. Here’s what I came up with.

I’m super awkward at taking full body pictures. But, I think this outfit worked out perfectly. I went with a really feminine lace top from Nordstroms Bp. It’s sexy but conservative. Under, I wore a nude tank. Paired it with my favorite Jolt jeans from Nordstroms online, and my vintage Fry Boots.

I kept my makeup simple but pretty. I did a gold eye (True Gold - Bare Essentials) with my favorite black liner (Smashbox liquid black liner). My blush was a mix of some generic bronzer from CVS and Benefits Bella Bamba super cute pink to make me look fresh and young! My lips were put on after this picture was taken, but I went with my favorite bare essential color Kanani!

If you are in this situation, it really doesn’t matter what you wear, as long as you are beaming with confidence. It’s not gonna be easy, but remember you are fabulous. And of course, cute! Love you.

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