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Lady Time

 It’s that lady time of the month again. Gross. Yes, I’m talking about it. But it’s important to because during that time it’s a pain in the ass to get dressed. You know what I’m talking about. Bloated, big chested, and pissed off. However, don’t grab for the sweatshirt! It’s only going to make you feel worse. You are not a slob, even if you feel like one. Instead, grab a bright colored flowy shirt. The color will immediately make you look fresh, and the flowy shape will conceal any bloating. I suggest something neutral underneath like a black cami and black skinny jeans. Black is a girls best friend!

I paired my Forever 21 shirt with my gold watch and a cheap pair of gold flip flops. Kept my makeup super simple, but enough to make me feel fresh and confident!

So go out and get a few of these tops so you don’t have to hide inside every time mother nature pays a visit. You are a fabulous woman… Flaunt it.

You’re cute-


I love Butter!

Butter, the nail polish. I’m sure you all know, but this company is awesome. They are a London based nail polish company that pride themselves on not using Formaldehyde, Touene, or DPP. Basically all the gross stuff that most companies put in their polish. Not only are they conscious of there ingredients, but they also have awesome colors. This bottle was given as a gift from MissGlamorazzi, and let me tell you, I am obsessed! The color is called The Full Monty, and it goes with everything! Get your gold sparkle on, girls!

This color looks awesome with my new Toms! I’m not usually into leopard print but I thought these add  a fun splash of print my wardrobe. They look great with all black or a simple splash of color.

Gold and leopard. Sexy combo. Grr.

You’re cute-


My Guilty Reality Pleasure

We all have guilty pleasures. Gossip columns, ice cream, a bottle or three of wine.

Mine happens to be the reality tv show, “The Bachelor”. Yep. Who doesn’t like to see girls fight to win the “love” of one very attractive and clearly scripted guy? It’s pure comedy. Not to mention, a mess of poor outfit choices. But can you blame them? These girls have to pack their suitcases for three plus months knowing that they will be on tv in front of millions of viewers. I don’t know if I could handle the pressure. I’d want to pack my whole closet. I can barely figure out what I’m going to wear tomorrow, let alone three weeks from now.

Tonight is the season premiere of 16th edition of the ABC series, and I am dying to see what these women show up in. Here is the promo picture. And from the looks of it, I see a load of bad prom dresses and one terrible Miss American dress.

But, I’m hoping a few fashionistas will shine through so we can follow their style choices week to week.

Here are four of my favorite past contestants who I think rocked their style throughout their season.

Michelle Money:

She may be crazy but she always looked good. My favorite thing about her style is her fabulous accessory collection and her perfectly wavy full hair.

Holy Durst:

I loved Holly’s style on the Bachelor Pad. She wasn’t afraid to mix “cute” with “sexy”, and  that gave her a hip, fresh, spunky feel that a lot of the other contestants were missing. But.. let it be known, I still think she should have picked Michael.

Gia Allemand:

Hands down one of the classiest dressed women on the show. She knew how to put herself together to look sexy and chic. She wasn’t as great at putting her emotions together, but I still loved her. Gorgeous!

Ali Fedotowsky:

She clearly scored the hottest guy on the show so she must have been doing something right. What I like about Ali is her ability to keep her wardrobe casual and “all american” but still look mature and attractive. Even when she throws on a sweatshirt, she looks put together and fresh. She looked best with Roberto on her side, but at least now he’s mine for the taking. Let me steal this outfit while I’m at it.

So, needless to say, I am excited about tonights show. I’ll continue to do updates with my favorite new trendsetters this season. I have a feeling there is going to be a lot to talk about.

Embrace your guilty pleasure baby!

You’re cute-


A Bold New Year!

Happy New Year, Lovebugs!

The energy going into this new year is so fierce. Like, full on Tyra Banks fierce. I can feel it. So I have decided that my New Years resolution is to be more bold. I’m committing to making bold choices when it comes to my style, my career, and even my love life. Because what’s the point in playing it safe? So I encourage you to do the same. Even if that means rocking a red lip instead of your “go-to” pink, asking for that raise you have been wanting to ask for, or telling your best friend that you have feelings for him, just go for it.

Be bold. Be daring. Be fabulous.

The outcome can only result in bolder beauty, success, and love.

You’re Cute-

Lisa Schwartz

Watch glamor girl, Miss Glamorazzi get her comedy on!

Casual Friday

Today was one of those days where I had nothing to do but errands. A load of them. But that’s no reason why you have to wear sweats. (Ahem… lady at Starbucks, put on some real pants!) Listen, I am all about comfort, and I’ll rock a good sweatshirt and yoga pants now and again, but there are other options that make you feel just a tad more acceptable to the rest of society. Because, let’s be honest, you never know who you might meet while your getting gas. (Ahem..hot guy at the Chevron Station, stop smiling at me and just ask me for my number!)

So today I threw on my favorite cowboy shirt. I love the red and blue together because it always makes me look bright and fresh. I paired it with my Jolt stretch denim jeans, and a pair of moccasins my mom got me years ago. No jewelry other then my everyday watch and bracelets.

No need to take the time to wash and dry your hair. Instead, rinse your bangs, blow dry them the way you like, and throw the rest up in a cute ponytail. I kept my makeup simple and just added a little powder, blush, liner, and mascara.

Just a few extra minutes of morning prep make you feel fresh and confident all day. Find your “go-to” shirt and jeans, and rock that pony baby! You’re cute!

In case you missed it, a quick little video about my Xmas returns and new purchases. Be sure to post pictures of your favorite gifts and finds! You’re cute.

Dress to impress other girls

We all do it even if we don’t think we do. We dress to impress… other girls. Because honestly, boys don’t know the difference between skinny jeans or boot-cut pants. Shiny black leggings or matte spandex. Black close toe pumps or navy blue open toe pumps. But, other girls do and we LOVE it. And I’m gonna go ahead and say, I love looking at other girls. I want to see what everyone is wearing. Not to judge, but to get great ideas. And there are some sassy, fashionable, great women out there. Just yesterday I was having lunch with my friend and there was a super cute table of girls who were all wearing long striped skirts and light knit sweaters. I was totally inspired when I got dressed today.

I had this long stripped maxi dress that I wore all summer and this off the shoulder white sweater I got from Forever 21. Wasn’t sure it would work, but sure enough, it turned out super cute and hippie chic. It’s a great way to turn your summer clothes into an outfit you can wear all year long. I paired it with my favorite owl necklace and few other random accessories.

I had fun wearing it out too. Even got a few girls “checking me out”. So hopefully I passed along the inspiration. Keep your eyes peeled, you might get some great ideas while your getting your coffee. You’re cute!

Marilyn Me.

I went to see “Being Marilyn” this weekend, and I was so inspired by  Marilyn Monroes style. Specifically Michelle Williams as Marilyn. She was effortless, but also so glamorous and fabulous. Timeless, really. Marilyn Monroe was sexy, classic, and impossible NOT to look at. She possessed a passion and energy that, combined with her beauty, attracted everyone that crossed her path. And Michelle Williams embodied her so perfectly.

I am so tempted to bleach my hair white blonde and rock this style. Because, after all, living a fearless life is what it’s all about. Right? Would you rock this style? I bet you would look cute! Love you.

In need of an ex-cellent outfit.

Oh shit… I love a good pun. Almost as much as I love going to a dinner that my ex-boyfriend is going to be at. Nope. That part was a lie. However, when this situation presents itself, it’s imperative to LOOK HOT. So last night, I had to make it happen. We were meeting a bunch of friends at a casual Brazilian restaurant in Los Feliz. So I needed something super cute but casual. Here’s what I came up with.

I’m super awkward at taking full body pictures. But, I think this outfit worked out perfectly. I went with a really feminine lace top from Nordstroms Bp. It’s sexy but conservative. Under, I wore a nude tank. Paired it with my favorite Jolt jeans from Nordstroms online, and my vintage Fry Boots.

I kept my makeup simple but pretty. I did a gold eye (True Gold - Bare Essentials) with my favorite black liner (Smashbox liquid black liner). My blush was a mix of some generic bronzer from CVS and Benefits Bella Bamba super cute pink to make me look fresh and young! My lips were put on after this picture was taken, but I went with my favorite bare essential color Kanani!

If you are in this situation, it really doesn’t matter what you wear, as long as you are beaming with confidence. It’s not gonna be easy, but remember you are fabulous. And of course, cute! Love you.