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Friends with Fashion

What is a girl without her friends…. to tell her what to wear? Sometimes, I just can’t seem to pull an outfit together. And it takes my best friend to come over, rummage through my closet, and find all the corresponding pieces to Tim Gunn the shit out of it. “Make it work!”

I bought this Zooey Deschanel inspired shirt from Nordstroms a while back but haven’t been able to properly style it. My friend Randi, who is chic and sassy, threw this outfit together for me in minutes! She paired the shirt with a simple pair of black shorts, tights, and boots. Duh! Why didn’t I think of that?

Randi is wearing colored jeans from Gap, inspired by a recent picture of Kate Middleton. A stripped top from Forever 21. A sweater from her boyfriend. And scarf she got as a gift. So simple, but so cute!

We both kept our makeup pretty simple. I went with a nude gloss from Bare Essentials and a little heavier liner to make my eyes pop!

Best friends are important for so many reasons! Getting dressed it certainly one of them!

You’re cute-


Top Bun Friday

That’s a thing, right? If it’s not, it is today. Ladies, getting ready is a pain in the ass. Sometimes I just don’t have it in me. The solution? Bun it! It’s my quick fix to dirty hair that you still want to look cute. I’ll usually just wash and blow-dry my bangs, and then I’m good to go! Pair it with a bright lips and some liner, and you’ve quickly gone from lazy to glam. I could get use to this.

I talked about this outfit in my latest haul video, but I am obsessed with it. The shirt came from forever 21. The retro print and colors make you pop and appear bright, even if you’re feeling worn down. I wear it with a nude cami underneath and my favorite pair of Jolt Jeans.

And my favorite new accessory is my Forever 21 purse. The perfect match to any spring outfit.

So don’t stress about spending hours getting ready. Throw up a top bun, wear something bright, and enjoy your Top Bun Friday.

You’re cute-


I’m beginning to bling.

So I know this has been a trend for a while, but I just didn’t get it. Until now. I gave in. I decided to try making my ring finger different then the rest of my nails. But instead of going for something totally different, which I still can’t get into, I just added some serious sparkle. Who needs a wedding ring when you can have sparkle bling?

I used Essie “Power Clutch” which is my ultimate favorite dark nail color. Go get it! I’m not huge into dark nails, but this color is elegant and matches everything. I never get sick of it. And then I used Deborah Lippmann “Some Enchanted Evening” to sparkle up my two ring fingers. The pink sparkle is a perfect touch for Valentines day!

So, I guess it’s good to try new things. You may surprise yourself. Never thought I was the bling type.. but what the hell. Bring it on!

You’re cute.


Window Shopping

When you are sick in bed and have watched every episode of every cheesy tween drama possible, there is only one thing left to do…. SHOP! There is nothing more fun then “window shopping” on your favorite store websites. Thankfully, I don’t have enough energy to get up and get my credit card, so I can’t do any damage. But a girl can dream can’t she?

I have fallen in love. This necklace from Anthropologie is perfectly perfect. It’s long gold chain and dainty gold butterfly is the perfect addition to any outfit. Did I mention it’s perfect. Ahem… Valentines day? Birthday gift? Is St. Patricks day an excuse for a gift?  



And then I went over to Toms Shoes website and nearly died when I found these. Wear your heart on your shoes! I need a pair. These are so cute!! And, if you don’t know the story behind Toms shoes, for every pair you buy, a pair is given to a child in need. So, I can totally justify buying these insanely lovable flats!


My wishlist goes on and on….

So, when you are feverish and chill ridden, and got nowhere to go, don’t freak out. You can always window shop yourself into a giddy smile!

You’re cute.


An Apple A Day…

I love prints but I’m often terrified to wear them. They are usually too overwhelming and/or completely unflattering. But, I think the trick to making them work, is picking one printed item that is in a color scheme that is complementary to your skin tone. And, a pattern that is suited to your personality.

My nickname to some, as coined by Benny Fine, is Apples. I love the name and I love the fruit. And I subsequently love the print. I found this cute “apron cut” top at a small boutique on Melrose here in Los Angeles. I pull it out when I am feeling spunky. And, today was the day, I guess! Red always makes me pop and black is slimming, so it’s a good fit.

I paired it with a white cami and my black skinny Jolt jeans. Of course I wore my owl necklace and gold watch. They go with everything.

I was feeling adventourous and wanted to embrace my “wanna-be” Sarah Jessica Parker waves, so I diffused my hair. I added a few curls with my Conair 1” curling iron to define the look. I went super simple with my makeup, and  just added a bit of liner, mascara, and Lancome Juicy Lip Gloss.

So have fun with your patterns. They are a great way to show off you personality. And yours is so cute.



Mini-Haul video and a trip to Lush!

Award Winning Dresses

Sorry I haven’t blogged in a while. I’ve been too busy watching really long and anti-climatic award shows. But, on the bright side, I got to see a lot of really great  dresses. I wanted to share my top four favorite dresses from the recent Hollywood events.

#4 Elizabeth Olsen in Emilio Pucci at the Critics Choice Awards

I love this dress so much. Not only do the colors compliment her blond hair and sweet personality, but the print is very retro chic, my favorite. And she paired them perfectly with her nude strapped heel, a staple for any lady. I must get my hands on a dress like this.

#3 Elle Fanning in Rodarte at the Critics Choice awards

This dress is so hippie chic, I want to steal it immediately. It’s perfectly age appropriate and makes Elle look beautiful. The color combination is so vintage, and the sheer layering keeps the dress formal and fresh. One day I’ll have a wedding dress like this.

#2 Reese Witherspoon in Zac Posen at the Golden Globes
So hot. She was an absolute bombshell. I love how curvy she looked in a very classic, deep sweetheart cut, mermaid dress. Ooh that’s a mouthful. She pulled this off perfectly, with her tousled beach waved hair. Certainly timeless and red hot.

#1 Julian Moore in Chanel Couture at the Golden Globes

Maybe it’s because I have a total talent girl crush on her, but I think this is one of the most stunning black dresses I’ve seen on the carpet in a long time. The picture doesn’t even really do justice to how detailed and gorgeous this was. There is a fabulous exposed zipper that runs all the way down the back of the dress as well. She paired the Chanel dress with a stunning pair of emerald tassel earrings that complimented her hair and skin tone. I am obsessed. One day, I will walk the carpet in this dress.

These four ladies truly embodied classic Hollywood beauty with not only their gorgeous dresses, but there beaming personalities. Love and Kindness always shine through.

You’re cute-


Sunny California Winter

Sunny California, you confuse me. It’s winter and you are 75 degrees. I don’t know how to dress for you. I leave the house and I’m freezing, but then half way through the day you get so hot and I’m a sweaty mess. What’s a girl to do?

Wear a winter dress!

I’ve been sick of wearing jeans, so I decided to whip out this old Forever 21 scoop turtle neck dress. It’s perfect for winter in California because it has the makings for a warm outfit (the turtle neck and long sleeves) but is still short and lightweight for when the sun comes out. I paired it with brown tights and maroon socks to add a pop of color. But don’t think I won’t take these off if it gets too hot!

Because the outfit is mostly brown, I made sure to wear a brighter lip. I used Tart’s cheek stain on my lips. Shh.. It’s my personal beauty secret.

I threw a jacket in my car if it cooled down, and a pair of sandals if it warmed up. Take that fickle weather. I got you beat.

Dress for whatever comes your way!

You’re cute-


Born a few decades too late.

I’m a kid of the 80’s but you won’t ever catch me in neon spandex. And let us pray that never makes a comeback. I’m pretty sure I was supposed to be born in the 60’s. I have an affinity for records, bell bottoms, the Beatles, liquid black liner, and Farrah Fawcett hair. I always reach for the platform over the pump and if I could live in a bell sleeved baby doll dress for the rest of my days, I would. 

Thankfully, the retro look is always in style. And, if you look hard enough, it’s affordable.

I found this vintage looking dress at Forever 21 for $19.50. The small elephant print and long sleeved box cut mimics the style of the 60’s perfectly. On the hanger it looked like a sack, but paired with my Vintage Fry boots and a long hanging necklace, the dress is a perfect homage to the past.

Keeping in line with the theme, I made sure to “Farrah” my hair, “Twiggy” my eyes, and bold my lips to keep the fairly monochromatic outfit from washing me out.

So turn back the clock several decades, and rock out the vintage inspired look. You’ll make heads turn.. for years.

You’re cute-


Coffee to Cocktails

In a big city like L.A., sometimes there just  isn’t enough time to go home in between working and playing. Tough life, right? But what’s a girl to do!? I can’t wear the same thing to the coffee shop that I do to the cocktail party. Or can I? (Cue dramatic music) Yes. Yes, I can!

Today I wanted to get some work done so I left the house to head to a coffee shop, knowing that I’d later be attending a cocktail party with some friends. I wasn’t about to change in the car, so I picked out an outfit that could be dressed up with a simple change of shoes and lipstick. From coffee to cocktails. Magical.

It’s been pretty warm here in LA, so I paired my new jean shirt from Nordstroms with a black pair of shorts, and my toms leopard shoes. I packed my Michael Kors black pumps for the cocktail party. The change from flats to heels was dramatic. Turning this casual outfit into sassy party attire.

I didn’t have time to blow dry my hair, so I threw it up into a bun. I did thick black liner and a few false lashes to keep me fresh through the whole day. And, I threw my red bare essentials lipstick in my bag to dress up the outfit for a “night time” look.

One outfit, two occasions. It’s simple. Just plan ahead and save yourself a trip home. Because let’s be honest, if I went home in between, I would have thrown on my sweats and never made it out to the cocktail party. Think ahead and party on!

You’re cute-